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"A Picture of London" BBC2 Documentary

With all the different film and TV shows that we stream, download, torrent, share, view, click and enjoy, its easy to miss some gems that sometimes get missed on an old 20th century technology called a “television”. I was lucky to find this programme on BBC iplayer late at night and its really good.

All of the things that makes London a special place are mentioned as well its ever lasting conctratictions. The way that they mix and match 16th century quotations, old footage and present day commentary really makes London out to be a place that hasn’t really changed much since its beginning.

If you’re a Londoner with access to the internet, I highly recommend you watch it, because from the looks of it, it was made with Londoners in mind.

Heres a video of what London used to look like in the 50’s, just as a taste of the doc.

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