You know you're a Londoner when...

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The last remaining part of Heygate Estate is being torn down today. 

RIP Heygate and affordable housing in London. It’s such a shame, all the money spent kicking people out could’ve been spent updating the buildings. The way Southwark Council went about this is a total farce. They undersold the estate to developers and they aren’t even going to spend that money on new affordable housing. 

These old buildings may not be pretty to everyone but they are a key part of British Urban culture and history. I feel like the council wanted to demolish them because they’re a reminder of the uncomfortable truth that looking after people is what they used to do 

H/T jeremyhill for the photo

View From A London Bridge

Estates and Best Mates

London Transport, Upper Deck 

You know you’re a Londoner when the top deck is your yard between 3.30 to midnight, Free oyster be like your VIP pass. (For all the Londoners going back to school today)

Kidulthood. Dope movie, period.

That Burberry cap doe…….🌊🌊🌊

"I’m not on Facebook." “Why not?” “Because I’m free, you know.” Shot in Brick Lane.

A Heinkel He111 bomber over the London Docks, taken from another German bomber at the beginning of the London Blitz, 7th September 1940 -
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Reblog if you can spot where you currently live in this photo,I know I can

A specially commissioned map of London charts the city’s buried rivers, tube lines, bunkers, sewers, government tunnels, and other subterranean secrets. 
The map, created by Stephen Walter, is part of an exhibition documenting 500 years of maps of London.

Toby Smith

Laird House, Wyndham Estate, Camberwell, London, Colin Lucas for GLC, 1966
Photo: Simon Phipps