You know you're a Londoner when...

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"I’m not on Facebook." “Why not?” “Because I’m free, you know.” Shot in Brick Lane.

A Heinkel He111 bomber over the London Docks, taken from another German bomber at the beginning of the London Blitz, 7th September 1940 -
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Reblog if you can spot where you currently live in this photo,I know I can

A specially commissioned map of London charts the city’s buried rivers, tube lines, bunkers, sewers, government tunnels, and other subterranean secrets. 
The map, created by Stephen Walter, is part of an exhibition documenting 500 years of maps of London.

Toby Smith

Laird House, Wyndham Estate, Camberwell, London, Colin Lucas for GLC, 1966
Photo: Simon Phipps

Most Commonly Spoken Language Other than English by London Boroughs
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You Know You’re A Londer When You Understand Another Language

Map sketched by 18 yr old French student Jean-Baptiste Say in 1785 of Croydon, London, England. The “B” building on the left is “Croydon Minster” on Church Street. Here’s a link to the wiki page for Mr. Say

1890 Map of London